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Solar Panels Used

Nicole Said:

how are solar panels used today?

We Answered:

If you need "true research based info" why are you here at all? Go to the library and look up books and articles about solar panels.

Seriously, don't they teach kids basic research skills anymore?

Nellie Said:


We Answered:

Hey Eagle, Timothy is correct. Solar panels themselves are made entirely of silicone, aluminum and acrylic, no copper. Only the wiring from the panels will have copper in them. But let's get outside of our tiny windowless box for a moment and look at the problem from across the street. First off, the panel alone is worth a ton more than any wiring, or possible copper inside. You can buy panels on ebay, so it stands to reason they can be sold there too. If you install them, take photographs of the dataplates on the back first, and save them. They can be used to research any second hand panels for sale should they be stolen, because you can prove they are use by use of the serial numbers. Second, in my experience, most theives do the work they do because they are stupid and can't do anything else. We have a stick shift car here because the car thieves never know how to drive one. It's like getting a job in the typing pool but you don't know how to operate a word processor. I can leave the keys in my ignition if I want, it isn't going anywhere without me. Most people I know are deathly afraid of electricity, and quite ignorant about it. If you install the panels, put large "High Voltage" stickers on everything, nobody is going to touch it, at least if they can read. We know panel voltage is less than 20 volts, they don't.

Next, think about a bogus alarm system on your panel installation, some fake cameras, tamper switches that don't connect to anything, and so forth. Don't give up on this project because some idiots are stealing copper down the street, it would be like selling your car so nobody steals it. It might solve one problem, but create 20 others for you. If you want to add a label that says, "No copper substitutes" to your panels, consider another one that says "Highly Toxic" too. Good luck Eagle, and take care, Rudydoo

Stacy Said:

Solar Panels?

We Answered:

swimming pool heated by these but you need an awful lot of sun to heat it

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