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Solar Panels For Sale

Carolyn Said:

Why would someone line their front yard with mirrors all propped up against the inside of the fence?

We Answered:

Mirrors will scare away birds, and possibly other little critters..but I know it will work on birds.

Alan Said:


We Answered:

you can check my yard sale out if you like!

Joel Said:

is this solar panel worth buying?

We Answered:

my experience with harbor freight is cheap tools, but not great quality, i guess its what you get what you pay for, but if your only using it for camping here and there and watching TV while you are out there it might do alright, usually their tools dont last too long, but that does seem like a good deal as long as it works well and you get your money out of it.
there is also other web sites out there that give you step-by-step directions on how to build solar panels with hardware store parts for very cheap, this site seems like one of the best ones

Micheal Said:

I need to sell my Costa Rican Propereties but I find no one interested so what to do?

We Answered:

With all that riffraff on the Caribbean side you can not give it to me for free. Thanks

Lori Said:

I'm sick of all the BS on gas prices and cars not going solar/gas free......?

We Answered:

In 2003 the California Air Resources Board (CARB) repealed its zero emissions mandate. The car makers took it upon themselves to rid the world of their creations because they might loose money. Also electric cars conflicted with the 100 year old business model.

See the film "Who Killed the Electric Car" for all of the idiotic and sickening details.

The electric cars that California required in 2003 were destroyed on president Bush's watch. He did nothing to save them, in fact he performed actions to expedite their destruction. His solution to high gas prices, go drill for more oil, not encourage the development of alternate energy i.e. solar, wind, wave power. Not get cars on the road that do not need to burn fuel.

The big if, "range" is thought about incorrectly. You don't need a 300 MPC electric car. When you get home after a hard days work, you plug in the car, eat dinner go to bed. In the morning you get up, get dressed, unplug the car and leave every day with a full load of "fuel". Two minor additions to the usual routine and you've made the world a little better. A gas car doesn't self fill at night an since you don't want to visit the gas station on a daily basis 300 miles is a light range requirement.

Also note that there are 300 Toyota RAV4-EV's still on the road today and 50% are charged with solar pannels for over 100 miles a day of driving for free.

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