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Solar Electric Systems

Virginia Said:

How much does electric heat cost?

We Answered:

Right now it is cheaper to run electric heat in my area. My highest electric bill during the winter was 275 or so. I have customers that have same size house but use gas that had bills for 400 or more per month. As far as install cost electric is much much cheaper than gas. 20kw electric furnace would cost about 1500 to put in maybe more gas is about 2500-3500 depending on BTUs

Douglas Said:

I need to know where to apply for a grant to get solar electric.?

We Answered:

There aren't many grant sources for the individual. If you purchase a system and have it installed in many parrts of the US you can get a tax break. The switch to solar movement is not focusing on giving away the systems, rather offering enough incentives to get people to switch. No one gets a totally free ride in other words.

Adrian Said:

in ny would solar or geothermal heating be more eff?

We Answered:

Not sure how they compare but here is a guide about geothermal specifically for NY!…

I'm working on the same problem for Orlando

As for solar, you may want to start with using it for you hot water. A typical house uses 70gals of hot water per day. This would be the cheapest system to start with.

After that you may want to keep an eye on the recent solar->electric panels from a new Nano tech company. They use a special printer to print the cells rather than using expensive silicon.

Diana Said:

SPARKIES?? How to arrange to have electricity supplied to my rural property?

We Answered:

Call the local power company, or better yet just go talk to a few nearby neighbors and ask them what they do.

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