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Installing Solar Panels

Milton Said:

installing solar panels on roof?

We Answered:

That depends on what type of solar you are talking about. There is PV (photo voltaic) and Thermal solar which uses the sun's warmth to heat water run through your home.

People still think that PV solar is the only kind and yet Thermal solar is actually the more efficient and most benefical solar power for the enviroment.

Here are some links for you...

This site has all sorts of alternate power options for the home, I linked it to the grid-tied home solar systems.…

This site is for Thermal Solar heat systems…

In both cases I would recommend you call to get specifics before ordering anything.

Anita Said:

what are enviormental benifets for installing solar panels in my school?

We Answered:

As far as environmental benefits. No waste bi product. There is no smoke, no radioactive waste, nothing. Virtually no waste at all. That being said there really isn't any negative effects to the environment. The only negative would obviously be on cloudy days you would have to have a backup energy supply.

Hazel Said:

I am thinking about installing solar panels on my house myself. How can I build my own solar panels?

We Answered:

I actually asked the same question a while ago.
Someone showed me and there is some good info there about building your own solar power system. I actually built a solar power system just recently and it is so nice to be a bit more self sustaining.
My props go to the website.

good luck!

Nancy Said:

Why is it when they talk about installing solar panels at the White house they only mention the benefit?

We Answered:

Solar Panels last at least 30 years, and the system pays for itself after 8 years.

Kevin Said:

Does installing solar panels in home makes sense in seattle area?

We Answered:

North Seattle bungalow has solar panels will be placed on the garage roof.
Solar panels do not need alot of direct sunlight,

Shawn Said:

Should the federal government offer tax rebates to homeowners installing solar panels?

We Answered:

There is a federal tax rebate for solar power up to $2000. There is also tax rebates or deductions from most states with income taxes as well. Also many states have a rebate program that basically helps pay for the system unrelated to the tax system. California for instance will pay about $2.50 per installed watt. For a typical home systems that will work out to about $5000.

If you are interested in estimating the cost of a system for your home and would also like information about available rebates and tax incentive try the website below. Check out the "My Solar Estimator" link.

Solar power is actually very cost effective. It rases the value of your home and counting that value increase, most well designed solar installations will pay for themselves within about five years. That depends of course on the amount of sun you get and your local electrical rates.

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