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Electricity Solar Power

Nathaniel Said:

what are the effects of complete substitution of electricity by solar power?

We Answered:

cheaper bills but out of work executives and blue collar workers.

Theresa Said:

what is better hydro electricity or solar powered panels for the earths new source of power?

We Answered:

About 4-6 months ago there was an article in Scientific America. The authors proposed a large network of solar cells in the US mid-west, where there is lots of sun. The authors gave a timetable and costs, and seemed quite accurate. I don't remember the numbers, but I think it was $40B and 2020 and we would get a large portion of our electric power from these arrays.

Hydro is all used up, we will get no more from that.

Wind power will probably never be a major player, but it can contribute a fair hunk of cheap power to the grid.

Nuclear is probably the leading contender for electric power, being proven technology and pollution free.

Don't forget geothermal, wave power and tidal power. They all can contribute a fair amount of power.

Another contender, being explored in Japan, is a large solar array in space, possibly at one of the Lagrange points, where it can get continuous sun. This would beam power to earth where the microwaves are converted to electric power.


Alice Said:

what is the % of electricity made using solar power?

We Answered:

Solar power produces less than 0.05 percent of America's electricity and only 0.66 percent of the world's electricity. The optimistic projections are 15% in --- 2025.

Gertrude Said:

How is Electricity produced with solar power?

We Answered:

solar waves hit a solar panel which have solar cells that absorb the energy and is converted to electric power

Discuss It! said:

Well There is no doubt that Solar power is better than Electric.It is very beneficial for the countries like India where more than 50% people are living in a villages and are getting max 10-12 hours electricity in a whole day.

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