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What Is Solar Photovoltaic

Fernando Said:

what are some problems with solar photovoltaic cells?

We Answered:

Actually, the loss efficiency is more in the 0.5% - 1% per year. There is no way the manufacturer would guarantee a 25 year warranty, if it losses production at 5% a year. They typically guarantee a efficiency of more than 80%.

I would say the main problem with solar is that it is not for every household. Homes that have less than $100 in electricity bill wouldn't benefit much from installation. Cost is high, but there is the government and federal gov't helping pay for a big portion of the cost. It typically more affordable to higher income households, but we offer lease programs for those who don't have the money to make a down payment.

Solar cells work during the day even on cloudy days, but not as efficient on sunny days of course. Another problem is that it's usually fixed on roofs, so if there isn't many angles facing south, it will require more panels to maximize energy retention.

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