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Stand Alone Photovoltaic Systems

Gina Said:

which photovoltaic system best meets the needs of homeowners?

We Answered:

I understand the question to be:
For photovoltaic, grid or non-grid system?

The economics are fairly clear.

Photovoltaic systems are going to set you back a bundle. The cost to provide x number of kWh with this technology is about as high as it gets.

Grid systems would allow you to sell back your excess capacity.

Therefore, unless a local utility can be legally obliged to buy back your energy at a greatly inflated price vs. current wholesale (and no, I won't be surprised if an idiot scheme like that doesn't already exist somewhere), you don't want to size a residential system such that it provides any more than your own immediate need -- otherwise, you'll essentially be selling your high cost electricity at a LOSS. A grid connected system just helps you to do that at yet more expense.

We've all got our fingers crossed that someday, the technology will have continued to improve enough to get the efficiencies up and costs down to make this a practical alternative for those of us who live in predominantly sunny climates. While improving, it ain't there yet. There are better "green" alternatives for domestic use.

Ellen Said:

where can i get journal for photovoltaic system?

We Answered:…

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