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Solar Pv Installers

Brandon Said:

Solar power for hot water??

We Answered:

There are 2 different systems used in solar thermal. 1st is having collectors on the roof and pumping glycol through the lines into a heat exchanger in the solar tank. The heat exchanger heats the water inside the solar tank, and then the existing hot water heater draws the hot water from the solar tank. The other way is with a strapon heat exchanger that is attached to the existing tank, utilizing a confined space. So if your just doing domestic hot water (water for shower, dishes etc...) you will need 2 thermal panels, a storage tank (80 gallon) copper pipe to pipe the glycol, pump, controller, expansion tank, ball valves, and a check valve. don't get to complicated, forget about boilers and pv. boilers are used in radiant floors only (residential of course). Some old houses may have old gas or oil boilers which you can tie the thermal panels into using the same method as a hot water heater. hope this helps.

Darlene Said:

I want to install a PV solar unit on our house. But with technology changing in this field.Does it make sense?

We Answered:

I doubt you will find any manufacturer that will do a swap after 5 years of use.

You have to calculate the numbers. Cost and savings now, versus costs in 5 years. Will todays design pay for itself in the next 30 years? How about the design of 5 years from now. Will it pay for itself, plus the loses for those 5 years?

Jose Said:

Do lightning arrestors really work for Solar systems?

We Answered:

any condiuctive rod that goes higher than your roof line and is connected to the earth with a conductive cable would offer some protection to your PV system as well as other parts of your house,
I doubt any rod would give total protection

as far as arrestors they sound hokey

if the cost of installation is more than your iinsurance deductible the value is questionable

Jared Said:

Will Solar ever become affordable for everybody ?

We Answered:

Affordability is relative in that you need to reduce your consumption to bring it within an affordable range. Everyone haveing solar is not an option, to produce enough photovoltaic cells for all is highly unlikely. Working with a combination of wind, solar, hydro, tidal and geothermal is the way to go.

Cecil Said:

how much do Electrical Solar PV installer earn per hour?

We Answered:

... don't let anyone tell you different,,, the wage is journeyman electrician scale

Jeanette Said:

Renewable energy federal tax credit and home ownership?

We Answered:

" means an expenditure for property which uses solar energy to generate electricity for use in a dwelling unit located in the United States and used as a residence by the taxpayer."

You don't own the house. While you expect to inherit it someday, it's NOT yours.
Even if your father adds you to the title, it's still not your principal residence, it's theirs.

The obvious complication is that you want a tax credit you are not entitled to. Your parents don't need the tax credit (it only reduces taxes, it doesn't create a refundable credit).

Lynn Said:

do the vendors of PV solar always send installer personnels to their costumers?

We Answered:

Always -No.
Usually this is a service that they may provide or refer you to qualified installers in your area. It is to the vendors advantage to make sure that you get the most out of your purchase. Yet there are many who do have do it your self kits. Depending upon what type of system you install you should have a licensed electrician on hand.

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