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Solar Power Residential

Roland Said:

When should 'new build' residential & industrial roofs have solar power? By legislation if necessary?

We Answered:

Solar only makes sense when the solar output can be reclaimed on a constant basis. In the US, even, this is only possible in the most Southern and Western states. Too much cloud cover does not enable the current solar voltaic converters to produce enough energy in the majority of the population centers of America.

While it is true that some spectrum's of solar energy can penetrate cloud cover, todays cells are not currently efficient enough to warrant their cost. It is true that great strides have been made recently in the efficiency of these collectors/converter cells, and in a few years there may be a system efficient enough to recover and convert cloud penetrating radiation into viable amounts of electricity. Just don't hold your breath waiting for this to hit the market.

Legislation can't convert blocked sunshine into electricity.

Patsy Said:

residential homes with solar power?

We Answered:

that is a wonderful statement, could you specify please, and yes they do exist! adios!

Corey Said:

Maui -small wind turbines and Solar power in residential areas.?

We Answered:

You will need a large piece of land or acreage if you plan on installing a wind turbine as most jurisdictions have restrictions. However, Hawaii may be the exception. I inquired about one on my property a while ago and the installation cost was over $20,000, with a 5-7 year payback. Below is an article I found that you might find interesting. Good luck!

Warren Said:

where can i learn everything about actually making residential solar power?

We Answered:

Try the source. It is a commercial source, so it isn't highly technical, but it should tell you what you need to know about real life solar power.

Tracey Said:

how to implement solar power in residential buildings?

We Answered:

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