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Solar Energy Photovoltaic

Derrick Said:

Isn't it true that the photovoltaic conversion of solar energy to electricity also has the advantage of . . .?

We Answered:

Yes and this is why we need to build solar power stations in 24 hour orbit around the world. These stations can be built from materials found on the moon and in orbit and need not be lifted from earth. By this means only ready to use electricity will be beamed down to receptor stations on earth for commercial or residential consumption. This will place the majority of earths commercial energy system in orbit where it does not interact with the planetary ecology at all. We would have already had this in place functioning in the early 1990s except for the money paid by big oil to Jimmy Carter and his democratic party allies to scrap the whole thing and keep the world dependent on coal and oil to produce electricity.

So the reason we are not using efficient space based generating systems to power the earth today is the anti technology liberal democrats who claim they are just trying to preserve the earth while getting incredibly rich off of fossil fuel energy like Al Gore and his big oil buddies here that pretend they are for the environment.……

Edgar Said:

I need help on solar energy for a competition?

We Answered:

Solar energy can also be stored as heat.

Pearl Said:

Why not install photovoltaic solar panels and get the energy monkey off your back?

We Answered:

i am installing PV panels, plus i am making some of my own design. the biggest rub is the cost of the PV cells. they are coming down a bit but not fast enough for mainstream users.

Kevin Said:

A photovoltaic cell converts solar energy (electromagnetic radiation) into energy.?

We Answered:


Jeanette Said:

What is the minimum energy required to cause photovoltaic effect in solar cell?

We Answered:

Fameena, the minimum energy to create the effect is simply one photon. The photovoltiac effect occurs when photons from the sun strike the two layers of silicone, each photon breaks one electron off of one layer and forces it onto the other. There are wires connected to each layer and when a suitable number of electrons are piled up on one side, a voltage is induced. I don't think a handheld meter will be able to sense the movement of one electron, and it certainly will not operate a lamp or radio, but that is how it works. When we recieved our first batch of panels years ago, I was eager to test them out. Even under our porch roof in total shade, the panel measured 17 volts just from the photons that were bouncing around in the midday sun, or leaking through the roof above. But when we did an amperage test, the results were not measureable with my equipment until we moved the panel out into the yard.

So I don't know what you define as, "Causing the effect," but a solar panel will actually be having a tiny photovoltiac effect while it is still in the box it was shipped in if the sun is out. Our array on our home peaks out at about 44 amps in good sun, but even on cloudy rainy days, we can get 1 or 2 amps out of it, so the effect is still there. Take care Fameena, Rudydoo

Stanley Said:

Can someone help me understand this statement about Solar Energy?

We Answered:

I think the difference between "active" and "passive" technologies is this:

Active technologies convert solar energy into useful energy like electricity or heat energy (or hot water) that can be used to heat or light a building etc. WHEREAS passive technologies try to minimise the need for energy to heat, light or cool a building by using clever design in the building itself.

Examples of passive technologies would be window shades to keep rooms cool, or plenty of South-facing windows to keep rooms warm in winter.

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