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Solar Electricity Energy

Tracy Said:

is there an alternative for solar panels that can collect and convert solar energy into electricity?

We Answered:

Besides the silicon type, there are a couple of types:

1. the reflector type of solar power, which uses a mirrored dish to focus sunlight to boil water to drive a generator.
2. using sunlight to heat a thermocouple which drives a current.

Both of these are larger than your typical solar cell and are not really that efficient - yet.

A solar cell is the only thing that converts photonic energy into electricity, although they can be made of silicon and other materials.

Constance Said:

Is there an equation for the conversion of solar energy to electricity?

We Answered:


Solar panels will have different efficiencies.

Different firms have slight variations in their processes.

A firm should state the efficiency of their panels.

However as technology progresses the panels are getting more efficient.

As for the physics of the process you can find information at this web site.

Vera Said:

How to calculate how much energy converted from Solar Energy to Electricity?

We Answered:

Taken from wiki:

"At solar noon on a clear March or September equinox day, the solar radiation at the equator is about 1000 W/m2. Hence, the "standard" solar radiation (known as the "air mass 1.5 spectrum") has a power density of 1000 watts per square meter. Thus, a 12% efficiency solar cell having 1 m² of surface area in full sunlight at solar noon at the equator during either the March or September equinox will produce approximately 120 watts of peak power."

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Lucy Said:

What is the equipment cost to produce electricity from solar energy?

We Answered:

That technology is rapidly changing as we speak. They are just beginning production of a new type of solar cell that is applied like paint on cheap metal. We will see much lower prices real soon.

Jessica Said:

Can we generate electricity through solar energy, for personal use in India?

We Answered:

Yes. You can. Photoelectric panel which convert solar energy to electricity is very expensive at the moment. Small films which can power LED lights are available in market. You may want to buy and try. For the normal use at home to light up your house etc it is not economical.

Andrea Said:

How to produce steam AND electricity from solar energy?

We Answered:

A lot of single or double mirror assemblies (sun tracking?) could eventually do it. The problem is amount and how you use it. Solar laser? I don't believe you could get that electricity without a huge amount of solar electric conversion units so that would probably best be done with steam power generator units. The sun is powerful enough, but the tech to convert it is still in it's adolescence.

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