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Pv Solar Panel

Enrique Said:

what are the components used for pv solar panel and procedure for the same.?

We Answered:

Are you asking about making your own solar panel? It is very difficult to make a solar panel. There are some web sites that show you how to make a wet solar panel just for the fun of it, but the efficiency is abysmal. Even commercial solar panels range from 5% to 15% efficiency. Supposedly, the best commercially available panel is 21% efficient. There are some research panels that are reported to be in the 40% range, but they are not available for commercial even if you could afford it.

Then for commercial panels, in decreasing order of efficiency there are:
monocrystaline panels
polycrystalline panels
and amorphous silicon panels

I lived for 2 years in a remote area where my only electricity came from a wind generator and 2 monocrytalline panels. My panels were abut 3 sq ft area each and they were 50 watt panels. (about 15% eff.)

Polycrystalline panels of the same size would yeild around 25-30 watts.

Amorphous silicon panels of the same size would yield around 5-15 watts.

Javier Said:

Which PV solar panels and what else i need?

We Answered:

Is that a business? 45,000 kWh is a very high usage for a residence.

If your goal is saving money, the best step may be to do an energy audit, and see if you can win anything by conservation and efficiency.

Otherwise, if you want to supply substantially all that energy with solar, contact a professional installer. In my area, which is considered good for solar, that would be a 25 kW array - not the kind of thing to do on your own if you're just learning.

Bobbie Said:

What does it take to start manufacturing PV Solar Panels (building cleanliness, floor, walls, heating/cooling)?

We Answered:

You need a "cleanroom" to begin building PV solar panels. Although the equipment needed to build solar panels is not expensive by industry standards (10s of millions vs. a few billion for the state of the art microprocessors.

There is a balance and trade-off between how clean and the quality of the PV being produced. But generally I would expect that you would need a system to remove all particles greater than 200uM (Class 200). You need to keep particles out and this is accomplished by having positive air pressure so that the air pressure in the production area is higher than the local atmospheric pressure. Also temperature should be controlled +/- one or two degrees, and humidity to a within a couple of present.

At this point you would have to calculate what the conversion cost would be compared to building a green-field building.

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