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Pictures Of Solar Panels

Marjorie Said:

what grade would you give this short gcse geography end of topic writing?

We Answered:

Mm... It should be useful.

Raul Said:

Need a fast hot dog solar cooker?

We Answered:

Check out Youtube solar ovens.

Alexander Said:

What things are needed to run a greenhouse?

We Answered:

I have just finished building a solar room addition. When I put plants in it I will call it a greenhouse.

A greenhouse of any style is an attempt to modify the environment. Glass or plastic walls and roof are often used because they allow sunlight to enter. Inside it becomes heat. There are a number of ways that heat is transfered. One way (radiant heat) is blocked by the glazing. This causes a greenhouse to heat up and even without plants an attached solar room can help heat the house it is attached to.

The things needed to "run" a greenhouse are those things that are first necessary to maintain the environment and secondly are convenient for gardening. My uncle had a commercial greenhouse business. It had a huge boiler that used coal to create heat and send it to the greenhouses. They let most of the heat escape into the air. There was no air conditioning.

A solar greenhouse will sometimes have double glazing to keep heat inside. As an alternative it may have insulation that is put in place at night to help keep the heat inside during cold months. The other important thing a solar greenhouse will have is a lot of "thermal mass." This is often brick or stone walls inside of the insulated outer walls or lots of water in containers. The thermal mass soaks up extra heat and when the greenhouse is cool it releases heat to the inside. The effect is to keep the greenhouse from getting too hot or too cold.

There are also greenhouse designs that use compost that is mixed in a way to heat up. This adds not only heat but can change the air mixture to something that plants will like even more than normal air.

Most greenhouses will not have air conditioning to cool the air. Plants can usually tolerate a bigger range of temperatures than people can. Often there is a way to ventilate the greenhouse in the summer that may be sufficient to keep it cool enough. This is especially true if there is enough thermal mass.

Plants and the ground around them give up a lot of water. If it gets too humid the structure may suffer. Again ventilation may be good enough. Additionally, there are ways to make the heat of the sun create a draft in a kind of solar chimney that will pull air like a fan through the rooms. Ventilation can be aided with vents that open automaticly without the use of electricity.

Greenhouses are not all the same. If they are commercial they may be designed for a particular crop. Also the environment where they are built will make a difference. In a cold environment the growing season will be shorter and heating concerns will be greater. In a warm environment ventilation will be more important. In a dry environment keeping water vapor inside may also be a consideration. In a dark enviornment some consideration might be made about lighting.

Once the inside environment is stable and sustainable some attention may be made to planting concerns: growing beds, soil, water supply and irrigation.

In my greenhouse I just finished I have put a couple of potted plants but it is still freezing outside some nights. My next concern is to get some accurate idea of how the room is heating up compared to the outside temperatures. I have a thermostat for inside and outside but I have ordered one that I can hook up to the computer to log the temperature changes.

Nora Said:

How to get City to put in Solar Powered Street Lights? ?

We Answered:

Radar guns need a 10 watt solar panel with a couple of D size batteries. A street light need a 100 watt panel and a 100 amp -hr battery. the radar system costs $100 and returns $1000 per week. A solar light costs $2000 and saves $50 per year. so invest $2,000,000 to save $50,000, a year is not worth it.

Todd Said:

do you have google earth if so can you help me with something?

We Answered:

You do not need google earth for that.

Go to
Search your address and click on the Satellite view. Zoom in all the way.

Also, while you are it, check out the street view as well.

Mattie Said:

Creating a robot lander capable of finding life?

We Answered:

As far as I know, the only place where there's believed to be a possibility of life on Europa will be in the oceans underneath the ice, which means you'll have to be able to drill through 10-30 km of ice. If you want to take underwater photos, you'll need a light source. Obviously, your lander will need to be able to function underwater. You'll want to be able to dive deep, measure water temperature, take samples to measure salinity and other materials in the water, and examine samples for signs of microbial life. I recommend some form of spectroscopy to identify the materials you're looking at, high-resolution photography, and some sort of microscopic photography system, unless you intend to actually try to bring samples back to Earth.

After you collect data, there's the trouble of getting it back to Earth. Usually, landers send signals back to Earth with the images and data they collect, but that might be troublesome through the ice, unless you either have a very, very strong signal, or a way to drill back up.

I hope that was helpful!

Derrick Said:

How would I make a high capacity Solar Generator?

We Answered:

The gist of how a battery solar system works is as follows:
The solar panels generate DC power that goes into a charge controller. A charge controller manages the power going into the batteries to prevent them from over charging. An inverter converts the DC power from the batteries into AC power that you use from your outlets. There are breakers and various safety devices between all of these pieces, but that's the general info.

If your electric bill is $270 a month, that's got to be at least 60kwh a day, or 1800kwh a month (at 15 cents a kwh). Check how many kwh your bill is for to get an accurate estimate.

If my guess is right, to generate 100% of your power, you would need about 18,000 watts of panels, and another adjacent apartment to house all of the batteries. A 200W panel is about 5' x 3', do the math to figure out how much space you'll need for 90 of them. My guess is about $200,000 for the system installed.

If you didn't need a battery based system, and just used what you made during the day, and bought the rest from the electric company at night, you can get a much smaller system that just consists of the solar panels and the inverter and safety equipment.

If you just want to do a small percentage of your use, 600W for 20 hours a day as you said, that would be about 360kwh a month. Staying connected to the grid to buy the rest would eliminate the need for batteries. Depending where you are, a 3500W grid tied system would do about 1/5 of your use (again, if my first assumption was correct of 1800kwh). That would cost about $30,000 installed.

I know you don't want to hear it, but for every $1 you spend conserving power, that $5 less you need to spend on solar. It costs much less to save power than to make it. Spend the money on a new fridge, CFL lights, timers to turn some stuff off; it's a much better use of your money. Once you cut your use down, then you can look into solar.

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