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Photovoltaic Tracking Systems

Helen Said:

Green House effect and Egypt's Joseph Requests solution.?

We Answered:

I appreciate your sincere concerns and positive ideas given. Indeed we have to think seriously about these things. Even when I was in govt service, much was talked about these options in various forums, attended by senior administrators (IAS) as well.

But the govts unfortunately are not that serious about good advices of the experts and fritter away precious govt resources in provision of sops to win votes, rather than look beyond and do something concrete for the people.

The photovoltic options are still costly and more cost effective way of tapping solar energy is due. The solar water heating is however catching up with many hostels, hotels, etc. But even residential complexes could save energy by installing these. The wind energy could be harnessed in a big way in south India with its long coast line, but it is very scantily and tardily tapped at present.

The use of fossil fuels in vehicles is getting higher and higher at the csot of health of people. More and more children are getting asthmatic. But the transport system is so inadequate that people have to depend on their own vehilcles to reach places. An alternate fuel mix with least emission needs to be operationalised on top priority.

I am old and concerned about the health of my grand children. I shall thank God for making govts and sceintists more responsive to the urgent needs of the day.

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