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How To Install Solar Panels

Marshall Said:

How hard and expensive is it to install solar panels on a house that is already built?

We Answered:

More or less depends on things like orientation of the house, roof pitch, shade, etc. Here are the folks you probably want to start with:…

Frank Said:

how to install solar panels on a small house?

We Answered:

Sounds great idea!!!! it's good to start small and then grow depending your needs.

It think this will help you a lot with your project:…

Doon't give up if people tell you you are dreaming or is not good idea, go for it and have fun with it too..

Frederick Said:

How much will it cost me to install solar panels and is it worth it?

We Answered:

We had 5 solar panels installed @ 3 years ago and in the summer we get all our hot water for free! in the winter we use less oil on the central heating cos the water is already warm . It cost us @ £9,000 for the instalation and we probably wont see the money back for about 20 years but it all helps.

Dianne Said:

How can I fight a homeowners association in Dallas area to install solar panels for pool heating?

We Answered:

Builders associations may have some experience with that.
Change the rules of the association.
Your congressperson may have some ammo for you to use considering the tempo of things over the last few years and for those to come.
You might e-mail This Old HOuse or Ask This Old House they have info, image, and velvet hammer clout being a respected group. Perhaps one of them might recommend or supply someone to educate
your association.

Anthony Said:

How much to install solar panels on a building?

We Answered:

Hello! That is great that you are thinking of installing solar panels. Just to be clear, I believe you are talking about solar panels to produce electricity, aka photovoltaic panels. As mentioned in previous answers, the cost of installation will vary depending upon your location. But a good estimate is $7-$10 per Watt for a grid-tied, battery-less system.

So if you installed 10-200 Watt solar panels, that would be 2000 Watts (2 kW) and cost approximately $14,000-$20,000 before rebates and incentives. Be sure to check for local rebate programs and read about the 30% federal tax credit here:

Good luck!

Juan Said:

Is it safe to install rooftop solar panels on an existing house that was not designed and built to have solar?

We Answered:

You should not have problems adding solar panels-the only problem is going to be the weight issue and proper installation (holes are drilled, and need to be properly flashed and caulked). You are going to have to have a building permit anyway, so while you are doing so, it is the time to have the building officials give you some idea about weight issues. when you do the repair replace of roof, you simply work around your solar panels.

Erik Said:

How much energy is required to produce, transport and install solar panels?

We Answered:

Not a lot. About the same as for a half-dozen personal computers.the base technology is pretty much the same.

This is one example of the ignorance of the right wing (not you personally--you've just been misled). They don't even know what basic technology is involved. The energy requirements for manufacturing and installing solar energy systems is LESS than for other energy production systems. Not Look, modern solar energy panels are essentially y printed circuits, similar to those used in computers. That's a low-energy manufacturing process..

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