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    Claire Said:Are solar photovoltaic panels expensive to purchase & install? Can I self install or is this a pro job?We Answered:It is expensive if you just look at the price and say Wow! that is a lot of money. But when you compare it to renting electricity for the next...

  • Solar Panel Companies


    Delores Said:Why solar panel are so expensive?, low demand?We Answered:In 1960, $1000 may not even have bought 1 watt of solar cells, but today, 1 watt (a fraction of a cell) costs about $4. So prices have come down. The difference between solar panels and IC's are that solar panels...

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    Lena Said:How can i use solar energy to power my home.Is it possible?If yes please answer my question.?We Answered:it all depends on if your home has good exposure to sun. in terms of geographical location and the way it is situated(lack of trees and shades etc.) do a search under solar...

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    Diane Said:Alternative energy?We Answered:Check out this guy. He's using it all. He's totally off the grid and doesn't use oil or gas.…...

  • How To Build Solar Panels Free


    John Said:how many watt hours does 24 red leds use at 12v?We Answered:Take your two leads from your trailer lights and use a cheap multimeter with an ohm meter on it and measure the ohms of resistance thru your 24 LED's. Let's say for example you get 3 ohm's of resistance...

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