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  • Homemade Solar Panels


    Anna Said:How to make a Home Made SolarPanel (School)?We Answered:I don't know of a way to make one cheap from scratch. You might try the website below.Lester Said:Is homemade energy difficult?We Answered:You.can learn how to build a solar panel at home, it is not difficult and you can even engage...

  • Home Solar Power Systems


    Vincent Said:Why don't we have monorails? (No pseudo enivronmentalists or rednecks please)?We Answered:We do have monorails but only where they have been added to a new area. It is cheaper to keep using the infrastructure we already have. Electric cars are just getting started (Chevy Volt). They are of limited...

  • Solar Home Plan


    Gilbert Said:How much can I plan on spending on solar screens for my new home?We Answered:That would largely depend on the size and number of windows. A local window treatment contractor should be willing to give you a free estimate. These guys are good in my location but there should...

  • Portable Solar Panels


    Sam Said:Will a portable solar panel fry, charge, or do nothing for my laptop?We Answered:anyone of those will do as long as you have a comverter and plenty of lightBrad Said:Is there a charger I can buy or make for my iPod touch that charges from a portable solar panel?We...

  • Install Solar Panels At Home


    Lawrence Said:Is it worth it to install solar panels in Northern California?We Answered:There are some rebates for solar and for other energy efficiency improvements. A good place to start is the Go Solar website. It contains a section on getting started that includes an energy efficiency audit . There are worksheets...

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