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  • Solar Powered Battery


    Danielle Said:How could a solar powered battery operated cooler work?We Answered:The cooler part runs off of the battery and the solar unit charges the battery whenever there is light available. Does this answer your question?...

  • Solar Panels For Home


    Scott Said:An Inconvenient Question: What is your place of worship doing to be green...?We Answered:The Rabbi drives around in the cutest little electric car. Really.Stanley Said:How do you feel about being less important than a "green" golf cart.?We Answered:Ask a wealthy golfer if green golf carts are important. He will...

  • Silicon Solar Cells


    Terry Said:Why is the efficiency limit of silicon solar cells 29%?We Answered:The efficiency of a silicon solar cell is generally dependent on the band gap energy of the silicon-dopent barrier. Band gaps fundamentally limit the radiation frequencies a solar cell can convert to usable power. I have listed...

  • Solar Electrical Power


    Nathaniel Said:Solar Power Electrical Circuits help?We Answered:If you mean 1.5 horsepower motor this might help: 1 hp (horsepower) = 746 watts 1.5 * 746 = 1119 watts If you use 200w solar panels, you will need at least 6 of them giving you 1200 watts. If your motor is 120 volts and the panels are...

  • Battery Phone Charger


    Jaime Said:An External phone battery charger?We Answered:Nope. I would recommend charging the battery in another phone. You just got to find another compatible phone or you can get another Env1. Charge the battery in there.Betty Said:Is there any portable mechanical mobile phone battery charger to be used in remote areas?We...

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