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  • Garden Lighting Solar Powered


    Max Said:Would you believe that someone would steal...?We Answered:It makes you wonder what goes through these idiots minds, i had the same happen to me about 6 weeks ago, solar lights and ornaments, only it was kids, not drunks. I would have phoned the police if i was you, basically...

  • Solar Energy Homes


    Darlene Said:Does Japan really have self-sufficient solar energy homes?We Answered:Nothing new. I have several friends in Mexico that have homes that are not connected to the electric system and use solar power with battery bank for storage. This is well known old technology. Solar systems are great and works well....

  • Solar Power House


    Brandon Said:I'm looking for governments grants for solar power house in Texas?We Answered:The link below is to the Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy -… This link is specifically for Texas -… If you need further assistance, please visit - http://electricalblog.gilchrist-electric…Daniel Said:Can a house survive on solar power alone?We...

  • Solar Patio Lighting


    Andrea Said:I'm looking for a dealer in Michigan that carries 4" X 8" brick paver solar lights for my backyard patioWe Answered:Try Google or Yahoo. (cksq)Frances Said:I'm looking for a solar charger for low voltage patio lights.?We Answered:This is going to be tough--because solar chargers are rated by their voltage...

  • Domestic Solar Panels


    Vincent Said:could i find a source for solar panels?We Answered:You can find solar panels in a variety of sizes here.… -Dave C....

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