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  • Solar Energy Collector


    Viola Said:what is the contribution of collector in solar energy?We Answered:To collect the heat energy from the sun. Solar thermal energy (STE) is a technology for harnessing solar energy for thermal energy (heat). Solar thermal collectors are classified by the USA Energy Information Administration as low-, medium-, or high-temperature...

  • Solar Lights China


    Johnnie Said:How to find US dealers in Solar and Renewable Industry?We Answered:Using US local search engine and yellow pagesSherri Said:Is there a non-expensive solar charger/external portable battery sold?We Answered:Have you checked out Power Traveller? Said:Huge Solar Strom created communication jam in China. And from today?We Answered:We're reaching the 11th year...

  • Solar Energy Report


    Marsha Said:Does Solar energy form emit greenhouse gasses or other polluants?We Answered:Solar energy creates pollution in the creation of the actual solar cells. However, this pollution is much less than normal methods of producing power (see first link). The energy created by solar power is pollution-free as it works on...

  • Solar Power Pv


    Terry Said:Why are some against homeowner solar power subsidies, but sit back & accept Oil subsidies?We Answered:I'm totally against oil subsidies.. Oil is a dead end, any subsidy should be going to oil's replacement.. and pronto!...

  • Solar Pv Home


    Denise Said:Anyone out there have experience of geothermal method for heating home?We Answered:not me personally but where i live, in my country, it is a very expensive procedure but all of those people who did this in their home said that in long run it is a lot a lot...

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