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  • Passive Solar Homes


    Francisco Said:Why is there not more passive solar homes ?We Answered:I think that the Greek government wouldn't have to fully subsidise the costs of converting houses to be more energy-efficent, but as long as they show people graphically what really could/is happening due to global warming (such as possible local...

  • Solar Home For Sale


    Hugh Said:I'm looking for 12v deep cycle batteries on sale for solar power?We Answered:I understand your objective Richard, but would sincerely recommend that you re-consider how you should go about achieving it. I don't recommend 12v batteries for your project and certainly don't recommend using anything less than first quality batteries...

  • Charger For Cell Phones


    Leona Said:Do Nokia cell phone chargers work with all nokia cell phones?We Answered:Here are the accessories compatible with your phone:… From there it must be that the charger you have is the "Nokia High Efficiency Charger AC-8"… If that is true, here's the compatibility list for the same:, some 77 devices ...

  • Silicon Photovoltaic Cells


    Janet Said:In photovoltaic cells, electrons flow from boron-enriched silicon to phosphorous-enriched silicon to generate?We Answered:boron is n type phos is p type current goes form n to p electrons goes from p to n electrons go from Phos to Boron doped FALSERebecca Said:Those who speak English, can you help?We Answered:Photovoltaic cells are devices that convert...

  • Building Your Own Solar Panels


    Agnes Said:has anyone built their own solar panels using online help aides??? does it work?? is it easy?We Answered:Solar water or electric? Water can be built cheap electric on the other hand cannot. For electric you not only need the panel but wiring, batteries, an inverter and new meter if...

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