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  • Solar Powered Cell Phone


    Christopher Said:I need an idea for a simple energy conservative invention model.?We Answered:How about a wind up cell phoneAaron Said:How do I set up a wireless cell site on solar so I can have a live webcam of some elk at our ranch?We Answered:smartScouter game camera - cabellas wireless cellular phone...

  • Solar Energy In South Africa


    Cheryl Said:South Africa Culture Research! Please Help Us!?We Answered:1.Are you concerned about the upcoming 2009 General Elections? If so, what are some of your biggest concerns? Mr Jacob Zuma 2.Has the widely publicized power shortage had any affect on your daily life or business? Ja, it has caused havoc for the tourism business. 3.Do...

  • Solar Electricity Panel


    Mario Said:how the produced electricity from solar panel is stored in the rechargeble battery?We Answered:Complicated topic. If this is a large array, you need a charge controller, a piece of electronics that will control the current and adjust the voltage so that the battery charges at the best rate and...

  • Solar Energy Review


    Leona Said:what are 5 sources of non conventional energy? answer quick please?We Answered:St. Joseph's Center deals with Power Supplies. We are happy when focus is given to environment friendly Power Units. In this regard, one can consider Solar Energy panels (actually called photovoltaic cells) that generate up to 1000 watts of...

  • Garden Solar Powered Lights


    Gary Said:How large a solar generator would you need for this?We Answered:If you need light in your gurt, it will, presumably be needed at times when the sun will not be providing light for solar panels, so you are going to need a battery as well. I have 2 solar panels...

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