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  • Cost Of Solar Panels


    Richard Said:How much can I expect it to cost to install solar panels?We Answered:$40,000.00Thomas Said:How much can I expect it to cost to install solar panels?We Answered:In LA you have lots of incentives to use to cut your system almost in half. I know that if your electric bill was...

  • Wall Mounted Solar Lights


    Amanda Said:1080p LED Projectors?We Answered:LiteBrite is now making a 1080p model that is LED-powered. It uses technology derived from the scoreboard at your high school football field....

  • Photovoltaic Solar Power


    Carrie Said:Solar power engineering? Major?We Answered:I suspect an Electrical Engineer (EE) would be the most applicable.Curtis Said:What do you think about California's new solar power projects?We Answered:I would like to make some general comments and then respond to David's. These 4 projects were pushed through at the 11 hour...

  • Solar Panel Price


    Patsy Said:What is the price range for a solar panel (installed) sufficient to power an average refridgerator?We Answered:I run a 5000 btu AC unit on an 810 watt off grid solar electric system. It is able to run my double door fridge with ice maker when I need it to....

  • Solar Water Heating


    Everett Said:how many houses in uk do have solar water heating system?We Answered:Ask Govt. statistical Dept to get the correct number of the houses which use solar water heating.Jared Said:Solar water heating tips?We Answered:the metal is irrelevant. The paint needs to be black, though. Flat black is even...

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