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  • Home Solar Panels


    Diane Said:Can you remove solar panels to another home?We Answered:Sure you can! They don't have to be mounted to the house, that is where they are usually put to take up less space and not be shaded by buildings, but if you have a large property, they can be mounted...

  • What Is Solar Cell


    Judy Said:What is the semiconductor in the nanocrystalline solar cell?We Answered:Generally, siliconMathew Said:What material do you need for doing a solar cell?We Answered:1st generation of solar cells are using silicon, like silicon wafers. 2nd generation of solar cells are thin-film based which can be CdTe (Cadmium Telluride), CIGS (copper indium gallium...

  • Cost Of Solar Panels


    Claire Said:Why does it cost so much to buy small solar panels? I am trying to do a good deed for earth week why so much?We Answered:They say about pv cells that the cost return takes 7 years, meaning that it'll take you 7 years to save on electricity what...

  • Grants For Solar Panels


    Ramon Said:Are solar panels affordable?We Answered:I don't think you can get a government grant? At least not just yet... But, you can get a nice Tax break for having installed solar panels on your home or for some their backyard works well. But, again you must be aware that having professionals...

  • Solar Light Set


    Thomas Said:How do I set up a light globe, for an old railway signal, to be left outside and turned on safely?We Answered:Go to Home Depot and tell them your plans. Take a measurement of how far you want the light to be from the house. You will need to...

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