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  • Advantages Of Solar Panels


    Jean Said:need help with science homework?We Answered:Advantages: 1) Once built the cost of upkeep is relatively low 2) Environmentally friendly (not that non-renewables are as harmful as they are made out to be) Disadvantages: 1) Extremely expensive intial build costs, if the plant only produces 2 megawatts (about 1% of a common gas turbine)...

  • Battery Solar Chargers


    Manuel Said:Solar chargers for car battery?We Answered:The alternator is not being used when the car is switched off so it would have been a coincidence that it was faulty. The trickle charger should be all you need as the vehicle will only be drawing minimum current when not in use,...

  • Solar Powered Mobile Phone Charger


    Loretta Said:What Would a 15 year old girl want for christmas?We Answered:make up tote bag purse specific sweater/jeans you liked but where too $$$ hair junk - straightener, curler, clips, head bands, creams... spa stuff from bath and body works sims 2 guitar book Twilight Series Gift Cards/Money Merrry Christmas!...

  • Solar Home Plans


    Jennie Said:Why did Bob Barr praise Al Gore? Can you believe Barr said Gore energy plans were very good?We Answered:Funny, next time buy stock in a solar power company that works in the sunshine state or any other southwest state. They are doing more business and growing faster than they can...

  • Solar Systems For Your Home


    Mark Said:Earthlings! I require your help!?We Answered:None...

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