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  • Solar Light Bulb


    Leah Said:if I have a light bulb 60W replacing sun light on a solar panel and I take a reading of anything from 13v to?We Answered:The idea of using solar energy is that it comes for free, after the cost of the panel. Using a light bulb to power a solar...

  • Solar Panel Systems


    Danielle Said:What are the components of a solar panel system ?We Answered:1) Solar Panel Array - collect energy from the sun 2) Batteries - stores energy collected by panels 3) Controller - Maintain batteries at proper charge level 4) Load - Appliances, devices, etc. which use power to operate 5) (optional) Inverter - Converts...

  • Convert To Solar Power


    Kelly Said:I need help with this physics solar power question please?We Answered:If you getting 20 watts for your solar panel and you need 3,000 watts then you need 150 square meters of panels. If you have a yard that big and a rich dad to buy the panels you can...

  • Solar Power India


    Samantha Said:Do You Agree That India Should Invest More Funds In Solar Power???We Answered:good thought friend, india has a large amount of area where sunlight is in straight rays, if it is used our electricity problem would definitely be over, but the solar panels are made of expensive semiconductor materials...

  • Solar Powered Charger


    Amanda Said:Is there a solar powered charger for the LG Ku990 Viewty?We Answered:Mobile Fun have one listed on their site that they say works with the Viewty. It's a UK based company, and as they are operating out of a website rather than eBay, perhaps this will work for you...Jonathan...

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