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  • Solar Heat Systems


    Rick Said:Where can I sell (2) complete solar heat systems? They are made by solar Gold Inc.?We Answered:Try Craigs list in your area or E-Bay.Nathan Said:Anyone use solar heat for their pool ?We Answered:I did on my pool in KY and it allowed us to use the pool much longer...

  • Solar Panels Manufacturer


    Lloyd Said:I need some software that will help me size strings of solar panels. Where would I find such a program?We Answered:Unforunately, I don't know where to get such a program, if it exists. As you know, each inverter manufacturer generally has a sizing tool on their website. The calculations...

  • Solar Cell For Home


    Marie Said:Can someone please help me? I don't get this math problem at all?We Answered:I like the units on the surface area. Anyway, What you should do (#1) is find the area of a single cell, and then multiply that by the amount of cells. That will get you a total area: (1.25*2.75)*65,000...

  • Solar Light Garden


    Angel Said:where can you fix a solar garden light?We Answered:Put in a new "rechargeable" fully charged battery. That's all they are. The bulbs are replaceable also. Good luckMathew Said:I am lookinmg for a solar light that is used in flower arrangement and garden decoration?We Answered:Walmart has dozens of them....

  • Solar Energy Home Products


    Jennifer Said:is this a good economical and environmental plan for an island?We Answered:From what I understand, Bermuda has done a lot of work using new and old towards sustainability on a resource limited island. You might want to look into what they do and then scratch the surface. Have you ever...

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