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  • Transparent Solar Panels


    Vernon Said:Is it possible to have transparent solar panels that can act as windows? Is it safe?We Answered:not as windows itself but part of the architecture here are some examples… AnitaHoward Said:Is it possible to make transparent solar panels ?We Answered:All solar panels allow some light to travel through them. This is...

  • Solar Power Air Conditioner


    Miriam Said:How many solar powered air conditioners will it take to cool the planet?We Answered:The air conditioners will put out more waste heat than the amount of heat they remove so it actually isn't workable unless you can find somewhere other than Earth to put the waste heat. I'm afraid that...

  • Solar Power Plant


    Tammy Said:What would be income/profit on a 1 MW solar power plant( on an average)?We Answered:I don't know India, but your best bet may be to find someone else who has already set up such a plant, and inquire. If there are no others, there's probably a good reason. 1...

  • Solar Powered Homes


    Shawn Said:How do I seal a leak in a solar powered water hose to the swimming pool? It's a pin-sized hole. Tried tape.We Answered:I'm a "pool guy". 115 bucks, isn't all that bad a price, actually, if they are installing a new section and not just repairing the old. If...

  • Solar Cell Build


    Fred Said:if the top of a wire from a solar cell is cut how can i fix it or what can i do to connect it with a motor?We Answered:Solder it or get some electrical conductive epoxy for a strong holdErin Said:What kind of voltage regulator for solar cell?We Answered:Solar...

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