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    Deborah Said:What you all think about SOLAR INDUSTRY? WHY THE COST IS STILL SO HIGH?We Answered:The main problem is the cost of development is too high and there are few people adopting it. When the number of people that adopt it and the productiion rate goes much higher the the...

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    Curtis Said:help on big bang theory?We Answered: Ellen Said:If Pluto's not a planet anymore...?We Answered:All textbooks will have to be modified in future additions to not only feature Pluto's demotion, but also the additions of Charon, Eris, and Ceres as dwarf planets. Given the timing of the announcement, pretty much...

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    Patrick Said:what's the cost difference between solar and regular electricity? ?We Answered:Carrie, If you are looking for a simple answer, you aren't going to get it because there are just too many variables involved. How do you want to deal with the high initial cost of the solar system? For instance, I could...

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    Kristina Said:How much energy can a calculator solar cell generate?We Answered:That is correct, you will get some that are slightly higher depending on the LCD display and function. The one on my desk is less than that. You have to remember that the working voltage for a micro chip is...

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    Bruce Said:12v about 600ma Solar Panel?We Answered:Here's one that is close to what you are looking for:…Penny Said:I need something more than a 12V battery for my solar panel...What other options do I have?We Answered:First of all your 12v panels normally do put out more than 12v, and can put...

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