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  • Solar Energy Calculations


    Michael Said:HOw i measure a energy eficiency of a solar box oven ? How we measure de energy eficiency of a stove?We Answered:Its simple in theory, harder to actually do. First off the energy in a system is not lost or destroyed Here is the break down of what needs...

  • Solar Energy Environmental Impact


    Sean Said:What are solar energy's environmental impacts?We Answered:You mean as a detriment? Very little, really. Just placing themMegan Said:what are some environmental impacts associated with using solar energy?We Answered:Acids and other chemicals used in the manufacturing of solar cells and storage batteries. Though many laws are attached to the disposal...

  • Home Solar Power Systems Cost


    Esther Said:Solar power - how much does it cost?We Answered:I'd say $7500, because I once calculated a cost of $10,000 to totally divorce my own house from the fossil fuel power grid. Thats been a couple of years now, you'd think with all of the pontification about global warming...

  • Solar Powered Computer


    Luis Said:I'm looking for a solar powered cycle computer for a bicycle.?We Answered:Yeah, I remember those. Wonder why you don't see those anymore. Here's the only new production model I could find. Looks kind of junky to me:…Joanne Said:Solar Powered Computer?We Answered:Until they reduce the power consumption, not likely. To charge...

  • Solar Electricity Energy


    Kelly Said:Is it possible to build an A/C which works on solar energy directly and not by solar electricity?We Answered:It is not possible for usng slar energy directly. because the compresser operations want frequent input. ( Not continuose). In the form Solar electricity is possible. How ever Vapour Absorption syastem...

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