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    Sara Said:What Are Our Rights/Recourse in Law?We Answered:At this point, continue to negotiate with whomever appears most willing to reimburse you. But, if it gets to the point where neither is cooperative, and your damages are extensive, and you need to sue, you can legally sue either Lowe's or the manufacturer....

  • Making A Solar Cell


    Lucy Said:what is the process of making the solar cells from sand ?We Answered:The above is correct, but I will try to summarize. First make an ultra pure crystal of silicon, which can use sand as the first raw material in a very long, complex process. Then infuse tiny amounts of certain...

  • Solar Photovoltaic Cost


    Cindy Said:What solar energy projects are cost effective?We Answered:From a mico-economic (personal) perspective conservation often holds the most pay back dollars. Photovoltaic systems in the lab are now around 40% efficient with projections up to around 60%. What you can currently buy is around 14% efficient. This...

  • How Do You Make A Solar Cell


    Rhonda Said:how do you make a solar cell from everyday items?We Answered:You can't. All known ways to make solar cells require ultra pure materials and expensive high tech equipment. Basically it is the same process as making a computer chip. Now if you only want to make a device to capture...

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    Betty Said:Any ideas re: foreign gas-like scintillation emissions in the Castro Valley, CA area ?We Answered:Oddly enough, has this area been checked for volcanic emissions. What you are describing sounds a lot like gas emmisions from volcanic activities. The gasses can build up to a point where they...

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