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  • Solar Cells Surplus


    Theodore Said:Let's go to space, or how about robbing Peter to pay Paul?We Answered:Your question got way too political way too fast. Look, if you're wondering about going into space, let me say this: There is no real "benefit" to going into space. At this point, it is strictly an exploration...

  • Solar Panel Output


    Ricky Said:Can a modified solar panel be used as or adhered to wind power generating blades to increase energy output?We Answered:Windmill blades are thin and need to be smoothly curved to just the right shape to be efficient. And they must face the wind. Solar panels are flat, very wide,...

  • Storing Solar Energy


    Ken Said:What is Australian's way of using and storing solar energy?We Answered:Solar energy is indeed mostly stored in batteries though there are more efficient ways of storing solar energy, if interested I would suggest reading this article to learn more about solar energy storage methods http://renewableenergyarticles.blogspot.… Hope it helps...

  • Polycrystalline Solar Panels


    Joe Said:How do you install solar panels without burning them out?We Answered:First off, please don't buy it from Amazon. Go to the pros instead like Real Goods who specialize in solar units and you can get a 123 watt output unit like that not only cheaper, but they have...

  • Solar Lighting Outdoor


    Yolanda Said:I wanted to do outdoor lighting. I was wondering which is best solar or electric.?We Answered:I have both solar powered and electric lights in my yard. Since I live where temps can soar over 100 degrees in late summer, I note the solar lights are made better and...

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