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  • Solar Energy Quotes


    Dianne Said:quotes!!!!!?We Answered:Thomas Malthus was among the first to point out that the resouces of the earth are limited, and the increasing population will inevitably led to hardship and death. What he had to say about food applies equally to sources of energy: Assuming then my postulata as granted, I...

  • How Solar Energy Works


    Ian Said:I need to know how solar energy works?We Answered:The only part I know is sun heating pannels .Jo Said:Can someone give me a simple definition of how solar energy works?We Answered:Long answer: Photovoltaic cells are made of special materials called semiconductors such as silicon, which is currently used most...

  • How Solar Power Works


    Christina Said:Solar Power questions!?We Answered:What a lot to read. Ignoring the essay -Can anyone explain what active and passive solar energy is Active is collecting the energy and moving it as hot liquid, air, steam, or electricity. Passive is having the sun shine in windows and soak into...

  • Best Solar Panels


    Wallace Said:What is the best Solar Panels to power your home with?We Answered:Any commercial-grade solar panel will do the trick. The bigger question is how much you need, and whether you need storage. If you plan to go off-the-grid, you will need to design a large enough system to provide...

  • Grid Solar Systems


    Joanne Said:Is a solar grid-tie system allowed in Houston, Texas?We Answered:they're allowed anywhere, but they may not offer net metering. most states offer a buy back (net metering) some do not.Lois Said:Is there a grid map to the solar system?We Answered:There mightn't be anything free that does what you want...

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