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  • 50 Watt Solar Panel


    Josephine Said:My 50 watts at 18v solar panel and 100amp battery at standard use 13.5-13.8 can this two work?We Answered:You've only listed three components and proved that two are nominal. (I assume the "controller" is an inverter/charger unit, and that the 13.8 V. indicates the battery is fully charged.) It's either your...

  • Build Solar Panels


    Ella Said:How much time and effort will it take to retrain laid off office workers to build wind mills and solar panels?We Answered:The only energy industry that operates without subsidies is the nuclear industry. They are good paying jobs and it would take a couple of years to train at least...

  • Solar Hot Water Panels


    Freddie Said:Just moved into a rental property, I have a switch marked 'hot water booster' in my laundry. What does it do?We Answered:It usually turns on the upper element in your hot water cylinder, to provide a small amount of hot water whenever the main heat source (central heating,...

  • Solar Energy Environmental Impact


    Sean Said:What are solar energy's environmental impacts?We Answered:You mean as a detriment? Very little, really. Just placing themMegan Said:what are some environmental impacts associated with using solar energy?We Answered:Acids and other chemicals used in the manufacturing of solar cells and storage batteries. Though many laws are attached to the disposal...

  • Grid Tie Solar Systems


    Mathew Said:I have a grid tie solar power system how do i keep power when the grid goes down?We Answered:A grid-tied inverter is generally designed to anticipate this kind of trick. It will monitor the frequency of the line, and even its impedance. If you have power that goes out...

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