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  • Installing Solar Panels


    Ken Said:If someone wants a career doing energy audits of homes and businesses and installing solar panels, what job?We Answered:This would be called a low end, non-skilled job. People who do this work for solar panel dealers, and are typically trained on the job. It's not much above...

  • Solar Powered Street Lighting


    Phyllis Said:They are going green in Iraq now...?We Answered:You are making an assumption that installing these lights is more expensive than installing ones that run off of the power grid. In places where the climate supports this form of lighting it is frequently more cost-effective to use solar powered lights because...

  • Free Solar Energy


    Karen Said:shall we tax heavily on cloth dryers? because they violate energy conservation the most?We Answered:I’m in one of those cold, dark, damp places that you mentioned, namely England (technically I’m not because I’m in Switzerland at the minute but England is where I live). It always amazes me...

  • Solar Electric Power


    Raul Said:how do i convert anything electric into solar power?We Answered:You need to spend about $600 to $800 just to power the laptop. You also need to get the best advice on selecting the most suitable set-up to match your location and needs. Ignore the above and you will find yourself having...

  • How Solar Panel Work


    Amanda Said:How do solar panels work?We Answered:sunlight energy knock down one of the electrons creating enery but they are not reliable and they only use 20% of the sun to make electricity...

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