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  • Solar Power System Design


    Tom Said:evolution vs INTELLIGENT DESIGN ?We Answered:Amen....

  • Off The Grid Solar Power Systems


    Jamie Said:If 2012 isn't going to be doomsday or the end of the world then can someone please explain all of this?We Answered:NICE Cut and Paste work! All seven of those points have been thoroughly debunked many times. Some are RIDICULOUS, too. Love the quote "2012 as a likely date"... heh...

  • Solar Panel Lights


    Ted Said:i have a solar panel trickle charge for autos. and I want to plug it into cigarette lighter.?We Answered:HI NO it won't get any charging power with the key off. YOu might want to try and install another lighter plug to plug in the charger to... its purity simple just...

  • Solar Pv Industry


    Judy Said:The United States is one of the world leaders in the solar PV industry. Nations like Japan and the U.K. are al?We Answered:They could start by not subsidizing fossil fuels. Or put drilling rights on public land up for bid. The US is way behind the rest of the...

  • Solar Energy Investment


    Cheryl Said:Do you want to have Solar and Wind energy?We Answered:No. I don't like to collect junk.Eugene Said:Since the left wants to remove all natural energy from Americans would candles be a good investment?We Answered:Invest in cow dung. You can burn it for energy, or use it to raise...

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