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  • Solar Energy In Homes


    Shannon Said:What subsities can you get in Pennsylania for using Solar Energy?We Answered:some of those subcities are: Cheltenham, Upper Darby,Mt.Lebanon, Bethel Park, name a few !!!!Lucille Said:Who here know someone with solar energy in their homes?We Answered:Hi! I live in Australia and I'm part of the "alternative" community. I have spent...

  • Led Lighting Outdoor


    Geraldine Said:I am looking for a light weight, outdoor LED sign that will display live data, for a reasonable price.?We Answered:I am not too sure what you are asking, but I think you may find something that will work at - again though I could be completely wrong. ...

  • Solar Energy Solar Panels


    Norman Said:energy amount solar panels yearly?We Answered:Only about 1% of the full annual energy-usage of the United States. However... annual energy use is slightly over 100 quadrillion BTU (15 trailing zeros), which means that solar energy accounts for 293 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) every single year. Each household...

  • Uk Solar Panel


    Daniel Said:Solar Panel Technology costs a lot in the UK?We Answered:Most of the solar panels you see around the Med are solar heating, warming hot water. The "capacitor" is the header tank. You can DIY these in the UK, or get reasonably priced versions. the more you pay the better. The...

  • Solar Energy World


    Peggy Said:What percentage of the world’s energy needs could be met using solar energy?We Answered:100% It is possible to fit 1,858,560 solar modules in a square mile. An area of solar panels 102 miles to a side would be sufficient to generate 4,000,000,000,000 kWh of electricity or enough to power the...

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