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  • House Solar Panels


    Adrian Said:Why did Reagan remove the solar panels from the White House?We Answered:He stated the solar panels interfered with the 'historical' look of the White House. Plus he didn't want to be caught in a catch-22 while he was promoting oil, oil, more oil... all we need is oil.. oil...

  • House Solar Power


    Hilda Said:How complicated is it to convert my house to run on solar power?We Answered:Solar power dependence is far more complex than meets the eye as few of these systems can produce sufficient electricity to meet daily needs unless the house is very small and the area is conducive to...

  • Stand Alone Photovoltaic Systems


    Gina Said:which photovoltaic system best meets the needs of homeowners?We Answered:I understand the question to be: For photovoltaic, grid or non-grid system? The economics are fairly clear. Photovoltaic systems are going to set you back a bundle. The cost to provide x number of kWh with this technology is about as high...

  • Solar Stair Lights


    Miguel Said:Will observatories open to the public now have to close?We Answered:I totally believe this. My local observatory, The Custer institute on Long Island, named after Custer's niece, not the general had a very irate patron one night. He was yelling he couldn't see where he was going as if...

  • Solar Photovoltaic Cost


    Cindy Said:What solar energy projects are cost effective?We Answered:From a mico-economic (personal) perspective conservation often holds the most pay back dollars. Photovoltaic systems in the lab are now around 40% efficient with projections up to around 60%. What you can currently buy is around 14% efficient. This...

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