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  • Solar Cell Homes


    Annie Said:any ideas on homemade solar cell?We Answered:CHECK OUT MAKE MAGAZINE ON LINE. THEY HAVE SOME COOL, WEIRD, INTERESTING STUFF THERE....

  • Solar System Inverters


    Christian Said:I am hooking up an inverter to a solar system for my barn. Grounding?We Answered:The gauge of wire will depend on the current it may have to conduct (Amperage). See… for different wire types, both in copper and aluminum. Keep in mind that any connectors you use have...

  • Solar Energy Trade Shows


    Rachel Said:How do you feel about Obama's remarks at the governors climate summit?We Answered:Excellent. I love the last part: "Denial is no longer an acceptable response." Indeed. Also, pay no mind to this James E clown or his ideologically-driven ilk; there's no question that our reliance on fossil fuels, the supply of which...

  • Solar Cell Measurement


    Deanna Said:Electrical circuit.............helppppppppppppppppp…We Answered:(a) Ohms law answers this. i = V/R = 0.36 / 10 = 0.036 A or 36 ma (b) Well, here the power is 0.36 v * 0.036 A = 0.01296 W or about 13 mW If you have the exact I-V curve you can draw contours of constant power...

  • Solar Panels Cells


    Chad Said:What types of solar cells does most garden lights use?We Answered:Hey Sea, most solar garden lights are compact units. Each individual light comes complete with panel, light sensor, battery, and LED. Other solar lights come as sets where each light is connected to one solar panel. These sets...

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