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  • Solar Energy For Homes Cost


    Jerry Said:Where I can find a lower cost solar energy installer to make my home better for the environment in Georgia?We Answered:You can start by clicking on the link provided. I typed in: "solar" in the keyword search and "Atlanta, GA" in the location search. You have to...

  • Solar Energy Use


    Norman Said:What are some recent advancements and developments in solar energy use?We Answered:one simple device i've seen is a solar collector designed to heat water for residences. one variety consists of a piping or tubing laid out in a spiral shape or a rectangular panel, facing south to harness...

  • Buy Solar Panel


    Sara Said:Where can I buy a 50watt or so solar panel in Munich(or Erding), Germany?We Answered:You can try as well in any 'Kaufhaus' eg Karstadt etc. in the electronics departement....

  • Solar Charger Panel


    Lydia Said:How to make a USB solar charger?We Answered:

  • Solar Power For My Home


    Debra Said:How can I tell the max Amp provided to me from the Power Company to my home to see if I can add a hot tub?We Answered:The front faceplate of the meter should say voltage and eithr wattage or amperage. The water heater should be 30 amp. the...

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