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  • What Are The Advantages Of Solar Energy


    Cheryl Said:Solar Energy vs Fossil Fuels??We Answered:The main disadvantage of solar power is scale. There simply isn't enough energy available from the sun to even come close to meeting our requirements; in North America the sun delivers an average of 1300 watts per square metre at noon. Solar...

  • Solar Power Home Kits


    Darlene Said:How do I convert my lamp post to solar?We Answered:Due to panel size requirements, most ready made solar light kits are very low voltage/wattage, thus not very bright. I assume your associations requirements are for security purposes? If so, the brightness of the light required for such applications requires...

  • Solar Water Pumping Systems


    Russell Said:What's the best way to clear your incoming water pipes of accumulated debris?We Answered:if you have steel pipes, replace them! You can get a pump to increase water pressure in your house, they are used when supply pressure is low. Water pressure is measured at .434 psi per foot...

  • How Are Solar Panels Made


    Courtney Said:Can someone give me a brief explanation on how solar panels are made and how they capture energy from the sun?We Answered:well first silicon is mined and poly or mono crystals are grown as large round slugs. These slugs are then cut wafer thin (a few mills thick) and...

  • Solar Cell Energy


    Virginia Said:Is a solar cell net energy positive?We Answered:Yes. The most recent statistics I've heard (at the annual conference of the American Solar Energy Society) are that a solar panel takes about 3 years to offset the energy used in its manufacture. The life of a solar panel is rated...

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