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  • Solar Home Energy


    Vicki Said:How much money would I need in order to have solar energy in my home instead of local grid energy?We Answered:Our system cost $40,000. The state (CA) reimbursed $20K. If you want to cut the bills, get an XPower. We sized our load incorrectly and have been considering...

  • Battery Chargers For Laptops


    Duane Said:Is it just me or are laptop battery chargers peices of crap?We Answered:It really depends on your laptop and the quality of the charger. I have my laptop for 4 years now, and I still don't have any problem with the charger. Don't buy from the cheapest place, but...

  • Solar Landscape Light


    Bob Said:What can I do to prevent my neighbors basketball from landing on and damaging my property?We Answered:If it comes into your yard just yell across "If this thing comes over here again it will belong to me" then chuck it back over.Dwight Said:lanscape lighting?We Answered:Generally, plastic landscape lights...

  • Solar Porch Light


    Ashley Said:How can I live 'greener'?We Answered:1.Recycle 2.Reuse 3.Reduce waste 4.Don't buy milk or juice in cartons since these cant be recycled buy them in something like a glass bottle or plastic bottle instead. 5.Use solar products 6.Turn of your TV and go read a book instead 7.Turn of a light when no one is in...

  • Solar Cells


    It is not uncommon to see solar cells used for lighting in cedar saunas.  This is especially true for outdoor saunas.  Using solar energy to light and heat your outdoor relaxation devices like pools and hot tubs just makes sense, or cents depending on how you look at it.  Get...

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