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  • Solar Powered Motion Lights


    Barry Said:perpetual motion question?We Answered:This is possible in a frictionless system, however there is ALWAYS loss of energy. First solar panels aren't 100% efficient. Next light would bounce of the solar panel and be lost. As the light energy is transferred into electrical energy and passed through a circuit there would be friction...

  • Solar Hummingbird Lights


    Annette Said:Is this a good yu gi oh deck? what can I do to make it better?We Answered:no trash the idea, if you want to make a good solid deck make lightsworns or gladiator beasts or blackwings here's a few links about lightsworns blackwings and gladiator beasts… Said:Please rate and fix...

  • Solar Energy Grants


    Micheal Said:Why extraction of solar energy is not done in a grant scale so as to substitute Electricity and Oils.?We Answered:Coz ppl r too busy trying to find out how to use something which can be sold for a grt money thn give ppl electricity free out of solar...

  • Solar Power Home


    Deborah Said:Solar Power in Southern States?We Answered:I think a lot of the cost effectiveness has to do with what kind of rebates you will get. Florida has a lot of solar installations, and surely, they're no less humid than Georgia. They even have hurricanes! If you look around, and are not...

  • Used Solar Panels


    Claudia Said:if everyone used solar panels in the us how would this affect our dependence on foreign oil?We Answered:would be a great start on independence...

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