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  • Used Solar Panel


    Katherine Said:Has anybody used a solar panel to charge an ipod?We Answered:Well it is possible and I am sure people have done it before. Only problem that I can see with this is to prevent power surges to your ipod. Also if you do construct one of these make sure...

  • Solar Cell Electricity


    Edwin Said:Explain how solar cell produces electricity.?We Answered:photovoltaics (PV) are the direct conversion of sunlight into electrical power. Let's take a look at what a solar PV system comprises of, then we'll explain how the solar panels work. Solar Power Generation Systems begin with the solar module. Solar modules capture solar energy...

  • Stand Alone Solar Power


    Margie Said:Christians, Atheists, the truth to the universe?We Answered:That's good to know. Thanks for sorting that out for us!Jay Said:Where do you stand on nuclear energy?We Answered:As a former nuclear power technician, I think a modern conservatively designed nuclear power plant can operate safely and efficiently. All of the...

  • Solar And System


    Colleen Said:Solar system?We Answered:i think you are getting the universe mixed up with our solar systemMarion Said:What is the difference between our solar system and our galaxy?We Answered:what our solar system is called - Our solar system is nestled inside a very large galaxy of stars called the Milky Way. what...

  • Costs Of Solar Energy


    Ian Said:What are some political costs of using solar energy?We Answered:Oil is a huge huge huge industry. People who are interested in reducing our need for oil are usually seen as enemies of the industry. If a candidate aligns themselves with environmental groups, and businesses that offer alternative energy, all...

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