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  • Earth Solar System


    Renee Said:UFO´s and Alien life on earth? Are we the only intelligent life form in our solar system?We Answered:I think UFOs are other phenomena, rather than alien spacecraft. The other intelligent life in the Solar System all lives on Planet Earth, as far as we can tell. There might be microbial...

  • Netbook Solar Charger


    Robin Said:I would like to be able to recharge my netbook with a solar charger...?We Answered:Netbooks use about 20W of power. So get a solar panel which outputs more than 20W at 7.5V(or near 7.5V)....

  • Solar Cell Systems


    Courtney Said:Can solar cells which are on your roof (especially the solahart hot water systems) of being damaged by hail?We Answered:Yes they can be damaged by hail. One of mine was and the insurance Co. paid me about twice what it was worth. So in the end I made a...

  • House Solar Power


    Clarence Said:Tree house solar power question?We Answered:Laptops draw around 50 to 70 watts of power. If you're listening to music on speakers, go by their wattage. Let's say you have 50 watt speakers. Now add two compact florescent lights at 16 watts each. So let's say 140 watts and then...

  • How To Build Solar Panels Free


    John Said:how many watt hours does 24 red leds use at 12v?We Answered:Take your two leads from your trailer lights and use a cheap multimeter with an ohm meter on it and measure the ohms of resistance thru your 24 LED's. Let's say for example you get 3 ohm's of resistance...

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