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  • Solar Energy At Home


    Perry Said:Solar energy. Can you set it up at home so that you can save money? Is it difficult?We Answered:Yes it is possible to set it up at your home, and yes it can save you money, and no it is not difficult. You can build your own solar panels, and...

  • Solar Panels Photovoltaic


    Katherine Said:Do Liberals realize that current green energy will not satisfy our energy needs?We Answered:this is the type of thinking that said heavier than air machines won't fly. Your calculations are way off. The Earth receives 174 petawatts (PW) of incoming solar radiation. We generate about 30TW (oil/gas/coal/nuclear), or...

  • Solar System Facts For Kids


    Emma Said:Astronomers, please answer this?We Answered:A solar day by which we measure time is 24 hours long. But a sideral day is is approximately 23 hours, 56 minutes, 4.091 seconds. So each day we come up short 3 minutes, 56 seconds. Go to the below link for...

  • Solar Panels For Home


    Scott Said:An Inconvenient Question: What is your place of worship doing to be green...?We Answered:The Rabbi drives around in the cutest little electric car. Really.Stanley Said:How do you feel about being less important than a "green" golf cart.?We Answered:Ask a wealthy golfer if green golf carts are important. He will...

  • Solar Emergency Light


    Regina Said:does emergency light has inverter inside?We Answered:no it has a charger, & batteries try harbor

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