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  • Solar 12 Volt Charger


    Roy Said:I am going on a week long mtn. bike tour. Wondering about schematics for solar digital camera battery charger?We Answered:This website has a good circuit to do what you're looking for, although it needs a 6 V supply. I'd suggest either rewiring your solar panel so that it outputs...

  • Solar Umbrella Lights


    Sam Said:Colliding Galaxies.?We Answered:Our galaxy, the Milky Way and the galaxy, Sagittarius, are actually colliding as we speak. Someone ascertained, though, that the Milky Way eventually survives and gobbles up the Sagittarius galaxy. I envy your dream. It must have been gorgeous. Remember in the film, "Men in Black",...

  • Used Solar Panels


    Mario Said:what are good ways to approach resturants to use solar panels?We Answered:unless you have financial means to act as a power company, its very hard to sell to restaurant. The profit margin is not there on the majority of the businesses. therefore, if you had capital you...

  • Power Solar Panels


    Kathy Said:What is the power rating on Solar panels mean?We Answered:Hey JT, J3 is correct on the math, except that 12 volts is the, "nominal," voltage of the system. The problem here is that to charge a 12 volt battery usually requires at least a 15 volt power source....

  • Information About Solar Power


    Lewis Said:Has anyone had experience converting a truck/vehicle to run on either solar power or water?We Answered:np bud, glad i could help. Dan Martin Retired Boeing Engineer now living 100% on Alternative & Author of How One Simple Yet Incredibly Powerful Resource Is Transforming The Lives of Regular People From All Over...

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