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  • Solar Cell Charger


    Byron Said:Will too much V or A hurt a charger?We Answered:The question, as stated, is kind of confusing. I think you are trying to replace a charger (that plugs into the wall, and puts out 12V at 1A) with your solar array? Also, if you're trying to use the solar...

  • Solar Powered Air Conditioners


    Patricia Said:Do solar powered air conditioners really work?We Answered:Some good answers there on Absorption chillers etc. Solar powered air conditioners are the air conditioners of the future. At present the power rating of the AC requires a big solar panel to give the necessary energy to run it. So in...

  • Charger For Laptop Battery


    Johnnie Said:How do I know if my laptop battery is bad, or if the laptop battery charger is bad?We Answered:The battery should never just stop charging. It would slowly diminish power over time. If you plug in the charging cord and the charging light comes on then there is something...

  • Solar Energy Homes


    Darlene Said:Does Japan really have self-sufficient solar energy homes?We Answered:Nothing new. I have several friends in Mexico that have homes that are not connected to the electric system and use solar power with battery bank for storage. This is well known old technology. Solar systems are great and works well....

  • Home Solar Panels


    Glenda Said:Instead of a $3tr war, the Government could spent 1/6 of that money putting solar panels on every home in US?We Answered:Ya theres lots one can do with with that 3 trillion dollars...I'm sure with the right minds that 3 trillion dollars could have been the greatest contribution to...

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