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  • Solar Panel Batteries


    Rhonda Said:i have three 130 watt solar panel and 6 battery cells of 2 volts 550AH. but my batteries are never fully charg?We Answered:Well you are stating the solar panel powers but no mention of their voltage????. Yes, they should do the job. I suspect the lack of blocking diodes...

  • Solar Energy Passive


    Marilyn Said:what is passive energy?We Answered:Passive solar energy is simple unaided sunshine heat and/or light. Feel warm from standing in the sun? That's passive solar energy. It's doing nothing but landing on you, and warms you up directly. Sunlight is passive solar light. Active solar when there's an appliance of some...

  • Solar Power Water Pumps


    Grace Said:Solar water pump... help pls!?We Answered:Take a look at these solar pumps.……… MabuhayTheodore Said:Solar water pump in India?We Answered:you could build one. try going to www.solarelectricsupply.comPatricia Said:looking for solar powered water pump for a garden feature jwp-100 is on the pump?We Answered:Check your local nursery. Home Depot...

  • Solar Lights Yard


    Jeffery Said:Solar Lights....?We Answered:You need direct sunlight. Sitting in shade and they will not charge the battery. Some come with small panels that can be placed away from the lights so there is flexibility where you can place them.Joanne Said:Why do people put solar lights in grave yards?We Answered:A lot...

  • Pics Of Solar System


    Byron Said:Where can I find a movie maker/video editing program?We Answered:why not use Photo MovieTheater which is more powerful than windows Movie Maker? she will do it for you.…Jim Said:How would u live you last days on earth 2012 dec 21?We Answered:actually i would spend it with my x cause...

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