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  • Solar Hydrogen Fuel Cell


    Joe Said:Fuel cells Hydrogen consumption rate.?We Answered:The amount of energy generated during formation of water from H2 and separation of water into H2 would be the same provided the reaction is reversible. Also, the efficiency for the two reactions may be different (due to technological problems) because of which the...

  • Solar Panel For The Home


    Alan Said:What is the best and most efficiente type of solar panel for the home ?We Answered:The best and most efficient are the ones that are the most expensive. That is the bottom line. There are essentially three manufacturing technologies commercially available for the manufacturing of solar panels. The...

  • Solar Panel School


    Tracy Said:How much would a solar panel to power a pretty big school be?We Answered:You're probably looking in the neighborhood of a million dollars. The first thing you'll do is audit the energy usage of the whole school. Let's say you have a cheap PC that takes 300...

  • Solar Lawn Lights


    Hilda Said:Solar lights?We Answered:The solar lights are a quick and easy way to illuminate your walk or perimeter of your yard. The solar panel on the light needs to be in the sun to charge properly, usually a good full day after installing them to work properly. The solar lights...

  • How Photovoltaic Cells Work


    Janet Said:Photovoltaic cell question?We Answered:Actually p-type is the side more number of holes and thus has a tendency to accept electrons, and similarly the n-type has more electrons so tends to accept holes. So the p-type layer is not negative. I think you are referring to the case of a p-n...

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