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  • Solar Panel For House


    Floyd Said:how do I make solar panel for my house?We Answered:With access to a Laboratory, lots of Silicon, and a Clean Room. Or, buy a kit, and assemble the pre-made panel, then install it on your roof. The only home-made solar solutions are essentially solar heating, since you're running glycol/water through pipes...

  • Description Of Solar Energy


    Keith Said:Whats the exact job description for finding new forms of energy like hydrogen and solar?We Answered:Google the term "alternative energy researcher". I would guess, you need to study physics and chemistry. Best of luck, hope you succeed!Heather Said:I need help with a school project about designing an energy efficient house?We Answered:first...

  • Solar System Scale


    Susan Said:looking for the solar system scale?We Answered:I like this one,…Nathaniel Said:What is a scale measurement of our solar system?We Answered:This is never simple, the inner planets stand very close to the sun, the outer planets stand very far from the sun. There are a lot of nature parcs where...

  • Solar Energy Science


    Julia Said:What is the science behind solar energy?We Answered:Basically a solar panel absorbs the light, light contains energy it transforms that energy into electricity to use just like any other electricity.Roland Said:How do I do a science fair on solar energy with a thermoelectric generator? How would I ask the...

  • Solar Energy Companies


    Rosemary Said:solar energy logo ideas?We Answered:Shine Bright with a stars sounds cuteJerome Said:do solar pannels actually make enough energy to power a house?We Answered:Depends on location, pattern of demand, energy consumption and area available for panels. In the UK, the average house consumes ~3600kWh electricity/yr (plus about 20,000kWh in gas). To generate...

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