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  • Solar Energy System Cost


    Dwight Said:How developed would solar technology be by now if US tax $$ to steal oil had been put into solar dev. instead?We Answered:Hi, Good question.. and YES it would be highly developed with all the money pumped into it.. unfortunately.. Bush and his cronies would not make money out of...

  • What Is The Solar Energy


    Jack Said:Is Solar Energy really feasible in future both technologically and economically?We Answered:It's technically feasible already and it's close to economic in very sunny areas. The problem right now is cost, but that is going to fall. Then we hit another problem; and that is that the current cheapest technologies rely...

  • Solar Energy For Homes


    Tracy Said:2. What are the pros and cons, of using solar energy for our homes?We Answered:I would address your question by saying that yes, I would certainly install it if I owned a home that I intended to stay in for at least 10 years. I think it takes...

  • Solar Panels Make


    Alicia Said:solar panels make more electricity in parallel or series circuits?We Answered:no difference, the power is the same. In series they have a high voltage and low current, and in parallel low voltage and high current. Usual wiring is in series / parallel ....

  • Solar Power Quotes


    Tara Said:What does your holy book say about the issue of nuclear power? i.e. Does it comment usefully & meaningfully?We Answered:How could any Holy Book have anything to say about Nuclear Power when they`re written many centuries BEFORE the discovery of the Atom ?...

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